Cesar and Ilene Rays, Founders of Three Star Trucking Co.

Cesar began his transportation dream as a little boy, carrying groceries with his little red radio flyer wagon for people across the border of United States and Mexico. Many years later, he decided to open up his own transportation company, Three Star Trucking. With the business savvy of his wife Ilene, and the operations knowledge from Cesar, they accomplished small business success. Their thoughts and ideas always consisted of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. They worked together for many years, obtaining more customers as the years passed. As they grew they knew they needed help, but wanted the help from people they could rely on and trust. In 1982, their son Bob started helping with the operations and in 1985 their daughter Denise started helping with the administrative end of the business. In 1997, Cesar and Ilene passed the torch to Bob and Denise. Today, they have the diligence, dedication, honesty and integrity from the excellent employees working with them.